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Andrea Hypolite

I was skeptical about life coaches at first, to be honest, but Chance of a Lifetime Coaching has completely changed my perception. Mrs. Jones took me from a very dark place in my life and helped me to find tranquility in the light! She gave me a reason to try again. I'm grateful for the day she told me, " Andrea, You Got This". I left out of her office that day feeling like I could move a mountain. That's when I moved the mountain of fear. I started back

 working and gaining more satisfaction each day. Mrs. Jones comes highly recommended in my book!

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Detria Stackhouse

Born in Chicago ,raised by my grandmother in Helena, AR., I didn’t really understand why but wanting to be with my mom I acted out Some would say I was a trouble youth. Thank God for programs like Mrs. Carolyn and her programs like Glamour Girls that saw the good in me. Because of her guidance and motivation, I found a unique sense of self -worth and I acted on it. I went from being a young high school mother to become a business owner of my very own hair salon in 2008, "Stack's Hair Affair...and still going strong. I am grateful to be able to provide jobs for others in my community, while helping to build our economy. It gives me great joy when Mrs. Carolyn comes to town and allow me to do service her hair care needs!

Today, I am happily married to my husband of 25 years and 8 children.

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Racquel Foreman

Chance of a Lifetime Coaching helped me to realize my true purpose when I attended one of their sessions on Loving Yourself to Health and Wealth.  Her practices and activities helped raise my self-esteem. This phenomenal woman is more than my aunt, I am proud to call her My Mentor. I will never forget how she introduced me to sisterhood by sponsoring me in one of her Delta Sigma Theta Sorority pageants. It is because of her sense of pride and integrity she offers in her coaching that I decided to start my own business. She is teaching me how to get started and I am happy to say, I am ready to open my business, QUPS-Quel's Unique Pressing Services. Opening Soon!

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